Hotel API


We provide a platform by which a customer makes an experience of hotel bookings with the help of hotel reservation software. Our app shows a huge range of hotels and these are connected directly to the APIs and in this way data is fetched and the results are reflected in the nice form of an invoice. The travel portal services are not only for India, we are providing it to other countries like US and UK as well. Hotel reservation software is used extensively and it helps the customers to achieve their desired results.

What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface, and in simple terms is a way for one company to legitimately access the products of another. At Travel Business, when we provide you with access to our hotel API, and once it is integrated into your website, it will allow your customers and your business access to a great variety of services.


The Travel Business Portal team is constantly driving the growth of our hotel inventory, continually expanding our supplier base and showcasing new hotels every single month. Complementing this, our engineers work tirelessly to provide the most innovative flight API possible, which includes the following features.

Personalised service

The Travel Business Portal API will allow you to integrate all the hotel-related services we offer with your own systems, databases and websites. This will enable you to host a web booking engine that requests real time information from Travel Busines Portal and immediately displays the results for use by the customer. This can be designed in any way you please, and a payment gateway can also be incorporated should this be required