About Us

Travel Business Portal is the name of Travel Technology solution. In this Technology world, people are seeking all their needs in digital forms. And for travel services, they deserve their services must in digital forms. To operate a travel agency, this is very important to serve the customers digitally. Travel Business Portal is working for a long time to digitalize the travel services and compact the services under an umbrella. So, that who are interested to run their travel business, Travel Business Portal can serve them all their requirements. Aotrek Tourism Limited is the sole proprietor of the Travel Business Portal. The activities of the Travel Business Portal are in a huge range. Travel Business Portal (TBP) serves the customer to develop the travel agency in digital forms by developing an Online Travel agency portal as per their unique ideas and also serves the travel agency services as the customer can start their business from the day 01. To be the leader of the future technology in the travel sector, TBP is working on it regularly and wishes the customer of TBP will feel the best experience for being with TBP.
To support the customers, TBP is always open to their customers and always be friends with them as the customers can feel the best technology partner and doing their business.
TBP think that customer should focus on business and targeting the clients and TBP is working to support the inventory of the services and support the technology. TBP always focuses to increase the inventory as much as possible. Not only focus to increase the inventory, but also develop the services in the digital format as the customers can avail the services in a very simple way.