Our company provides an attractive platform where a potential customer can book an airbus ticket offline. Flight API integration are for B2C and B2B ( Agents, distributors ). In this kind of software, a vendor can sufficiently add airline fares , airports, airlines and many others stuffs from the software of the backend. Vendors can help in generating the tickets of the customers online as well as offline. We have served a lot of clients and has introduced the best portals with the help of our services. Reservations and bookings can be done in an effective way. These APIs are available for B2Cs and B2Bs. Flight API integration helps the travel business to get the bookings which are done very easily . This engines help all the clients to book flights , the flight API is said to be the most preferred just like our GDS integration which is atotal complete package focussing on the low cost carriers of air.

What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface, and in simple terms is a way for one company to legitimately access the products of another. At Travel Business Portal , when we provide you with access to our flight API, and once it is integrated into your website, it will allow your customers and your business access to a great variety of services.

  •  Flight search domestic and international
  •  Easy implementation
  •  Integration support
  •  Real time booking
  •  Ticket cancellation, reissuance real time cancellation of LCCs


The competitive nature of the travel industry means its more important than ever to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Here are just some of the ways that the Travel Business Portal flight API will help you to do this:

  •   New airline sources recently added include AirCosta, AirAsia, FlyDubai and AirIndiaExpress
  •   Special Service Requests (SSR) have been incorporated, such as additional baggage allowance requests and meal specifications
  •   Air fare calendar
  •   Multi-way search


Once the flight API has been integrated with your website, you will immediately start to discover the great advantages it offers to your business.

Vast Inventory

With the flight details of numerous airlines aggregated and integrated into a single search and booking engine, the inventory you are able to offer to your customers will increase dramatically.

Time saving

Booking flight tickets will become a much quicker, slicker process, due to a user-friendly interface and instant confirmation. No longer will you need to enter data manually on multiple occasions, as our API will hold all the details and information you need in one place.

Cost savings

Cost savings will be evident in many areas. Software is not needed, so no installation or maintenance will be required. The ability to book instantly, with real time pricing and availability on display will save a great deal of time and reduce operational costs. Integration with the Travel Business Portal flight API will give you access to all the airlines partnered with for a one-time fee. This means you will not have to spend anything on system or content development at any point in the future.

Easy to use

The coding will be handled by us, meaning you can concentrate on operating the simple, yet comprehensive, admin panel and dealing with your customers. The XML code that is used is common across the industry and so can easily and quickly be modified by our developers should this be required.

Personalised service

The Travel Business Portal API will allow you to integrate all the flight-related services we offer with your own systems, databases and websites. This will enable you to host a web booking engine that requests real time information from Travel Business Portal and immediately displays the results for use by the customer. This can be designed in any way you please, and a payment gateway can also be incorporated should this be required.