Travel Business Portal (TBP) facilitates the creation of digital travel agencies through the development of bespoke Online Travel Agency (OTA) portals, tailored to the specific visions of our customers. Additionally, TBP offers comprehensive travel agency services, empowering clients to commence their business endeavors immediately. With an unwavering commitment to pioneering future technology within the travel sector, Travel Business Portal diligently pursues advancements continually. It is our earnest aspiration that patrons of Travel Business Portal will consistently encounter superlative experiences throughout their journey with agents.

Travel Business Portal is the name of a Travel Technology solution. We provide B2B services for Air tickets, tours, visas, and hotels in Bangladesh.

Our foremost objective is to offer the most competitive fares attainable. Our tickets are sourced and issued via the Global Distribution System (GDS), ensuring reliability and efficiency. In addition to offering Low-Cost Carrier (LCC), SOTO (Sold Outside, Ticketed Outside), and Domestic tickets, we extend our services to include Indian domestic rail tickets, as authorized partners of the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC). Furthermore, we provide round-the-clock support to address any inquiries or concerns our valued clientele may have.

Flights -FSC (Full-service carrier)- Full-service carrier refers to an airline that offers a wide range of services to passengers, including meals, entertainment, and other amenities as part of the ticket price.

LCC (Low-cost carrier)- A low-cost carrier or low-cost airline (LCC), also called no frills, budget, or discount carrier or airline, is an airline that is operated with an emphasis on minimizing operating costs. Without some of the traditional services and comforts.

Some FAQs

  1. How many commissions are you guys offering?

    - Basically, In terms of GDS carriers we provide at least 7% and the highest 12% for international flights. In domestic flights, we offer from 7% to 15% of commission.

  2. How can I trust you?

    - With a tenure exceeding 7 years in the travel industry, we boast a wealth of experience and expertise in facilitating exceptional travel experiences. Our physical offices are strategically located in Bangladesh, supplemented by branches established in various countries. Additionally, our extensive network comprises over 14,000 dedicated agents, enabling us to deliver unparalleled service and support to our valued clientele worldwide.

  3. If the transit time is long, will there be a problem?

    - The optimal choice of transit duration is contingent upon the specific airlines involved and the actual duration of transit. However, based on the latest updates available to us, it is generally advisable to opt for flights with shorter transit periods, ideally below 12 hours.

  4. Air-Asia baggage is not showing in your portal. Can I add baggage from your portal?

    - Yes. Share your agent ID and Contact number. We will get back to you soon.

  5. How can I download the ticket?

    - Kindly click on the "View Ticket" button located on the right-hand side of the portal interface. Subsequently, you will be presented with an option to download the ticket. You have the flexibility to download the ticket with or without fare information, according to your specific requirements.

  6. For how many months will the passport remain valid?

    - For departures from Nepal, it is imperative that your passport maintains a validity period of at least six months. Conversely, for arrivals into Nepal, the minimum requirement for passport validity is seven days. updates.

  7. Does the Travel Business portal offer any mobile apps?

    - Indeed, the feature is currently available solely on the Android version of the platform. To optimize your experience, it is recommended to access the platform via Google Chrome and activate the desktop mode.

  8. When and how can I choose my seat?

    - Following the issuance of your ticket, you may utilize the "Manage Booking" feature to facilitate seat selection. Subsequent actions are contingent upon the policies and procedures of the respective airlines.

  9. Can I get the refund amount in my bank instead of the portal?

    - No

  10. Could you please explain what a partial payment is? Additionally, could you provide information on the conditions under which it can be made?

    At present, partial payments are not accepted. However, if you possess a non utilized ticket of equivalent value, you may utilize it as credit towards the issuance of a new ticket.

  11. After issuing Non-Refundable Tickets can I re-issue them?

    - For the Reissue ticket I have to check the fare rules.

  12. How can I make payment for the ticket?

    - To proceed with the payment, kindly deposit the required funds into our designated bank account. Following this, please submit a deposit request through the portal, ensuring that the payment slip is attached for verification purposes.

  13. Can I book a rail ticket?

    - Sorry Sir. You can't book or hold a rail ticket. Rail tickets will be issued directly.

  14. How can I add my logo?

    - Please go to the settings then select "Upload logo". You can add your logo from there.

  15. Can I make a cash payment?

    - Certainly. However, please note that this process requires a visit to our office directly. We kindly request that you refrain from entrusting this task to any marketing executive or individual affiliated with our company.

  16. Can I withdraw the money into my Bank account from my wallet?

    - Yes. For that, you have to mail us with the email account you have registered to our portal. It will take from 1-3 days to get that money into your account.

  17. Can I get credit with a blank check?

    - No.

  18. Do you guys Reissue tickets from other Portals?

    - No.

  19. Is it possible to extend the booking time?

    - Yes. if your ticket is not canceled in the software (Depends on the airlines) then it is possible.

  20. Is it possible to add another bank to make the payment?

    - No. You have to make the payment only in the banks that are available in our portal.

  21. Are you IATA authorized?

    - Yes. We are IATA-authorized.

  22. Do you handle visas?

    - No, we don’t.

  23. Are LCC Carriers available in the Travel business portal?

    - Yes.

  24. Is it possible to book an instant ticket?

    - No. Instant tickets will be issued automatically.

  25. How long will reservation support be available?

    - 24x7 service will be available.

  26. How much time will I get to void a ticket?

    - Within the confines of the same calendar date, modifications are feasible. However, it is imperative to consider the regulations and stipulations outlined by the respective airlines and fare rules.

  27. How long before the cancellation request should be sent for refund/reissue/cancel?

    - Before 24 hours the cost will be less. If the flight becomes a no-show then the charges will be high and sometimes it's not possible to refund or cancel no-show flights.

  28. Do you give tour packages?

    - Yes. We have tour packages. Share our respective department number.

  29. How can I book a hotel?

    - Send your requirements to our Tour & Activity department. They will call you back ASA

  30. How many days will it take to get the refund money back?

    - Within 15-20 working days. It depends on the IATA rules.

  31. Which GDS do you use?

    - We use Sabre, Travelport. And offline we use Amadeus as well.

  32. How long have you been in the market?

    - It's been 8 years plush.

  33. Do you have all the cappings of SOTO tickets that are shown in the portal?

    - Yes

  34. Do you have any office other than in Bangladesh?

    - Yes

  35. What if you leave the business all of a sudden?

    - There is no way to back off. We are an established company in the travel industr

  36. Will I get the money back if I can't issue the ticket?

    - Yes

  37. Where is your office?

    - It is located in Dhaka.

  38. What does it take to make an ID in the travel business portal?

    - Name, company name, Mobile number, Email ID, Address, Trade license, and Visiting card.

  39. Is it possible to create multiple IDs with the same company?

    - No

  40. Do you only do B2B? You don't do B2C?

    - B2B

  41. What can I do if I forget my ID?

    - If you forget your ID. Then please call us with the number you have registered on our portal. We will provide you with the ID.

  42. Is it possible to change a PNR?

    - No.

  43. What is the refund process?

    - It depends on the fare rules policy. For more info please call us.

  44. What is the reissue process Time?

    - It depends on the airlines and which time/date you are flying.

  45. Can I do a round trip?

    - Yes

  46. Can I do multicity?

    - Yes.

  47. How can I get the credit facility?

    - You have to pay 50% of the payment then you will get credit. But in terms of instant tickets, we don't provide credit.

  48. Will I get a notification if I issue a ticket?

    - Yes.

  49. How can I add VIP/Wheelchair?

    - You have to add SSR from the portal.

  50. If I do more tickets will I get any gifts?

    - Yes.

  51. Is it possible to get credit for an instant?

    - No.

  52. Can I issue a ticket with a void charge?

    - No.

  53. Is it possible to get credit for an instant?

    - No.

IATA -International Air Transport Association - The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is the trade association for the world’s airlines, representing some 320 airlines or 83% of total air traffic.